Keeping Your Teams Engaged.

In today’s business environment, ensuring that your team is cohesive, synchronized, and ‘firing on all cylinders’ is absolutely crucial to meeting both your individual and strategic goals. We’ll customize a Team Engagement Action Plan that aligns with your strategy and focus.

We’ll build team engagement by helping your people to understand themselves and others on the team.  Our unique process combines the science of assessments, with an action plan that includes individual debriefs, self-discovery sessions, team coaching, and peer-to-peer mentoring that helps to sustain the efforts of our work long after we are gone.

We regularly conduct half-and-full-day sessions for functional/cross-functional teams within organizations, to achieve a number of outcomes. Our customized Team Reports provide great support to these sessions for all participants. These sessions are designed to support the following:

  • Increased Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others and Appreciation for Diversity and Differences.
  • Improved team communication and collaboration.
  • Determination of the existing strengths, weaknesses, and culture of the Team.
  • Alignment with goals and vision for the team.


“The key has been aligning competencies to jobs. We use TriMetrix for recruitment, as well as for helping teams understand each other's  similarities and differences. It has ensured that new hires complement existing teams, and we also use it for ongoing learning and development."

—Lynn Allen, Director Talent Management, SCI Group