Hire the Right Person

Too often, companies are quick to hire talent without enough information to make the right choice. That’s where we come in. We help businesses hire the right people.

We have been recruiting top talent for organizations for over 20 years — you might call it our "sweet spot" and certainly it's our passion.

Our approach to recruitment has proven to significantly increase a company's ability to hire the right people for the right job, team and organization.

We use industry-leading tools and assessments , along with our customized processes. We begin by establishing clear Job Success Profiles, which are designed to uncover the key behavioural characteristics, motivators, and personal skills that are required for success in the role, before initiating a talent search.

With clear Job Success Profiles in place, organizations can hire well, and onboard, manage and develop employees in meaningful ways.

We can help you hire better and ultimately retain better by:

  • Creating Job Success Profiles.
  • Conducting Talent Assessments.
  • Assessing your leadership team to determine the candidate's fit with the team and organization.
  • Creating interview questions based on the Job Success Profile.
  • Debriefing candidate results.
  • Customizing targeted job ad, designed to attract the right talent.
  • Developing onboarding strategies, based on the role.

Creating Job Success Profiles Aimed at Hiring for the Future

At Focus Insights, we take a unique approach to working with you as your recruitment partner.

We have a scientific process that starts with working with the key organizational stakeholder to document the role's key accountabilities. We assess key people in the organization to determine best fit with the team and we engage your teams in the process, by having them rank the priority of key competencies and behaviours needed to be successful. Once we have gathered all of the information, we create a Role Success Profile. This process may take more time; however, you can be guaranteed that we are helping you to get the right "fit" talent, versus just filling the position.

We then build a search process that will attract the right people, using our network of key people to help us find your “perfect” fit.

This process may take more time; however, you can be guaranteed that we are working to get the right “fit’ talent, versus just filling the role.

Job Benchmarking

We use our own Job Benchmarking process to help you select “best-fit” candidates that possess the following attributes:

  • The Behavioural Characteristics needed for the job.
  • The Motivators/Driving Forces satisfied by the job and your company’s culture.
  • The Thinking Styles that affect performance.
  • The Key Competencies that contribute to the success of your company.

Using these benchmarks, we work with you to build a solid and successful recruitment strategy that includes developing effective and targeted attraction, selection and onboarding strategies. Our processes and assessments help you to identify candidates that fit most naturally within a position, team and organization.

Designing a Recruitment Strategy tailored to your organization, based on proven frameworks and tools

We will help you to customize a recruitment and attraction strategy based on your hiring needs today and in the future. We can step in and help you to recruit top talent quickly, when recruitment volumes are high. Our strategies are based on over 20 years of experience working with some of Canada’s largest organizations.  We can help you build the right structure, the right team and we offer the right tools to support your hiring needs and future business goals.  We know how to hire fast, while ensuring quality — we've proven it!

The bottom line

Using our processes and strategies, your employees and your teams will be set up for success. You’ll have a more engaged workforce, a more harmonious work environment, improved productivity and decreased employee turnover.


"We are a software start-up that used Lori for talent acquisition. In a start-up you can’t afford to bring in the wrong people; you can’t afford to have them quit six months down the road or have to let them go. Lori’s magic lies in helping companies get the right people in the right roles who work well together as a team.  She used the TriMetrix assessment tool to evaluate a shortlist of candidates and it worked wonders. Lori is great at distilling down the assessment report to what you need to know. She put it in layman’s terms and then took that information to help us drive compatible work to the right team member. It helped with team chemistry, with communications and it leveraged people’s strengths. I’ve been working with Lori for 20 years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and the team at Focus Insights."

—Alan Zimmermann, co-founder and CEO at Ethica Channel Enablement