HR Consulting Services

Employee Branding

We partner with organizations to uncover, define and refine their employee values and in the process help them to streamline their corporate brand. We work to find values that resonate with employees in an authentic, meaningful way, as well as articulate the best aspects of the company’s culture and what it aspires to become.  The process also involves documenting key behaviours and synchronizing employee values with the corporate culture and the corporate brand. All of this can then be structured into HR strategy and talent management processes, from recruitment through to onboarding and performance management.

 Interim HR Support

  • Design policies that align around culture.
  • Build on new models for Performance Management.



"Working with Lori is always enjoyable and we very much value her expertise! For the past 20 years, she has played an integral part in developing our team. She has also been instrumental in our hiring process. Using assessments, and debriefs, Lori has helped us to hire the most suitable person for each role, ensuring that employees fit into our company’s culture, as well as ensuring that it is a good fit for them as well. We’ve been very impressed with her work, have recommended her to colleagues and will continue to work with her in the future."

—Carolyn and David Rumble, Rumble Foundations