Grooming Tomorrow’s Leaders

One of the key areas of change management, succession planning, involves identifying and grooming the next generation of leaders from your internal talent pool.

Planning for succession is a top contributor to corporate long-term success, while also creating uniformly higher levels of performance in key roles, lower attrition among top performers, and a high internal promotion rate.

Our steps for succession planning include:

  • Identifying roles for succession.
  • Developing a clear understanding of the capabilities required to undertake those roles through our Job Benchmarking process.
  • Identifying and assessing employees who could potentially fill and perform highly in succession roles.
  • Developing an individualized coaching/mentoring plan for specific employees to prepare them for advancement.
  • Designing a proactive recruitment strategy.


“Focus Insights coached us on how candidates would fit into our corporate culture based on the benchmarking of the job and the candidates' assessment results. They helped us build functional teams that work well together. Because of this, we have long-term employees."

—Joe Hutter, Vice-President Sales, KPM Industries