Developing Leaders for the Long Haul

Leading and coaching people according to their unique abilities, personal skills, motivators, and working style is critical to engagement. That’s why, at Focus Insights, we offer several leadership and development coaching programs designed to provide professional support and valuable feedback in an objective, confidential, and non-threatening setting. Giving people the tools to uncover their gifts and unlock their potential leads to greater job satisfaction, higher performance and higher retention rates.

Our leadership development programs integrate our assessment expertise, 360° feedback tools, and our ability to establish positive, trusting relationships to bring about demonstrable changes in individual performance — changes that enhance day-to-day role effectiveness.

The benefits of our external leadership development support include:

  • Increased confidence.
  • Objectivity of an experienced third-party.
  • Elimination of any confidentiality concerns.
  • Heightened focus on high-impact behavioural changes.
  • Improved awareness of an individual’s impact on others.


"The reporting, the assessment tools and the support from Focus Insights has become a key part of my organization and design. I wouldn’t hire a leader in my organization without using the tool.

The Focus Insights' assessments and training have given my leadership team the tools and the framework, which allows us to make better hiring decisions. Focus Insights helped us to understand that we needed a balance in certain areas."

—Phil Bates, senior vice-president, Telus