Tailored Solutions That Fit

At Focus Insights, we provide the full scope of HR services to attract, develop, motivate and retain high-performing employees. We work with start-ups and small, medium and large-sized organizations, to build a sustainable, competitive advantage by designing a customized talent management strategy.

Our people-focused services provide measurable impact and include:


Workplace Assessments — DISC, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Driving Forces, Personal Skills, Acumen.



Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership Development

Engagement & Retention

Learning & Development

Performance Management

Refinement of Organizational Culture

Change Management

Organizational Development

Succession Planning

Interim HR Services


“The challenge is not knowing how people want to be communicated with. Focus Insights assessments and training help explain why people act and behave in a particular way. Now we eat sleep and breathe DISC and Motivators. Can’t imagine life without it! Sales people and underwriters use what they’ve learned when communicating with their customers... it helps them adapt to their communication styles."

Financial Services Client